The Kingdom and The Dragon

Chapter One

Samuel was crouched in the center of the burning room. The castle was on fire

and the new king was trapped. The walls had been lined with timber a year ago

but there was never a thought of them being a danger to the new king. Samuel

had tried to open the doors but they were locked from the outside. He had tried to

scream but the fire and smoke were so thick that he couldn’t get a sound out.

Samuel heard the roof timbers give way and tried to look up to see where they

were falling and moved as close to the burning walls as he could. The timbers fell

on the other side of the room and Samuel peeked out his smoke burnt eyes

looking for an impossible way of escape. Samuel saw only the sky. Samuel felt

the breeze before he heard the roar. He crouched as low to the ground as he

could get. He knew the fire was preferable to the fear of what he knew was flying

above him. Closer the breeze swept in, fanning the flames all around him. Samuel

trembled and tried to squeeze his eyes tighter so the tears would not fall on his

face. If he was going to die he wanted to do so without crying. The roar became

deafening before he felt the claws grab his shoulders and lift him into the air. The

Dragon lifted him out of the castle and into the moonless night.